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14 May 2021

The Truths We Hold by Kamala Harris - Young Readers Guide

Now adapted for young readers, Vice President Kamala Harris’s empowering memoir about the values and inspirations that guided her life. With her election to the vice presidency, her election to the U.S. Senate, and her position as attorney general of California,...

14 May 2021

When We Say Black Lives Matter by Maxine Beneba Clarke - activity sheets

A timely, powerful and much-needed picture book exploring the background to the Black Lives Matter movement for young children. A beautifully illustrated and poignant picture book about the Black Lives Matter movement – it’s deep history, background and meaning – as...

14 May 2021

The Lightning Catcher by Clare Weze - Teacher Notes

Alfie has noticed a few things since his family moved to Folding Ford. He really misses life in the city. He and his sister don’t exactly fit in here. But the most interesting one is that the weather is BONKERS....

14 May 2021

Cardboard Cowboys by Brian Conaghan - Teacher Notes

Multi-award-winning author Brian Conaghan’s first book for 10+ readers is a future classic brimming with humour and heart Even though I found him living in a house made of cardboard, Bruce is a massive legend. FACT. So this mine and Bruce’s...

13 May 2021

Quick Reads 2021 Discussion Guides

Use these reader and discussion guides in book groups, Reading Ahead sessions or literacy classes to spark conversation about the six 2021 Quick Reads.

12 May 2021

The Strangeworlds Travel Agency – Teacher Resources and Book Trailer

Escape to new worlds with The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, a magical adventure series for children aged 9+! Hachette Children’s Group have created a teacher resource pack that is bursting with classroom ideas and cross-curricular activities for KS2, comprising themes of travel,...

10 May 2021

Latest opportunities from our publisher partners for schools and libraries

If you have a reading group with children or work in a school or library – we have some fantastic opportunities for you! There are Read and Review opportunities where you have a chance of receiving 10 copies of a...

28 April 2021

The Usborne Unworry Pack

The Usborne Unworry Pack is a collection of fun, mindful activities to help children and adults UNWORRY. It’s full of things to calm you down and distract you, and places where you can put your worries, instead of letting them...

26 April 2021

Amber Undercover by Em Norry - activity pack

I’m Amber Roberts. Just your average teenager. Life revolves around school and my best mate, Vi. Nothing too dramatic, and certainly nothing dangerous. _Well. That’s how things used to be. But now, my life is way more complicated: Mum and Dad...

25 April 2021

How to be a Hero by Cat Weldon - activity pack

How to be a Hero by Cat Weldon, illustrated by Katie Kear A no-good Viking thief. The worst-ever trainee Valkyrie. A hilarious case of mistaken identity. When failing trainee Valkyrie Lotta mistakes an unconscious Viking thief, Whetstone, for a fallen hero and...

23 April 2021

Read, Talk, Share Bloomsbury reading list

Bloomsbury has put together a list of fiction and non-fiction books that deal with loneliness and mental health issues, as well as other fiction titles that can help bring people together and spark conversations in Reading Friends sessions. This book...

21 April 2021

Elmer Day 2021 digital pack

Get ready for the most colourful day of the year! Elmer Day returns on Saturday 29 May 2021. Elmer makes the world a much brighter place. So for this year’s Elmer Day celebrations Andersen Press are spreading the positivity of Elmer...

14 April 2021

The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne by Jonathan Stroud - Discussion Guide

England has been radically changed by a series of catastrophes – large cities have disappeared and London has been replaced by a lagoon. The surviving population exists in fortified towns where they cling to traditional ways, while strangely evolved beasts...

13 April 2021

The Black Friend by Frederick Joseph - Discussion Guide

Speaking directly to the reader, Frederick Joseph offers powerful reflections on his own experiences with racism in The Black Friend: On Being a Better White Person. As a former “token Black kid”, he now presents himself as the friend...

09 April 2021

Wild World Heroes Clip Art: PNG files

Download clip art for the Summer Reading Challenge 2021. This resource contains PNG files suitable for use on websites and items requiring a transparent background. JPEG files suitable for print materials are available to download at the link below. Please ensure you have...

08 April 2021

The Strawberry Thief Reading Group Guide

If you are reading The Strawberry Thief as part of a reading group, here are some questions and resources to help get you started created by the author Joanne Harris. Warning: questions may contain spoilers!

08 April 2021

Reading Friends Telephone Session Plan: Clothes

One idea of what a telephone reading befriending session with the theme of clothes could look like.

08 April 2021

Fing by David Walliams - Digital Activity Pack

Meet the Meeks! Myrtle Meek has everything she could possibly want. But everything isn’t enough. She wants more, more, MORE! When Myrtle declares she wants a FING, there’s only one problem… What is a FING? Mr and Mrs Meek will do anything...

06 April 2021

Reading Friends 'Not Quite Nice' session plan

Ideas for a Reading Friends session based on Celia Imrie’s novel, ‘Not Quite Nice’. This session plan includes a synopsis and questions to be used as conversation starters.

29 March 2021

Reading Friends Telephone Session Plan: Gardens

One idea of what a telephone reading befriending session with the theme of gardens could look like.

29 March 2021

Reading Friends Telephone Session Plan: Holidays

One idea of what a telephone reading befriending session with the theme of holidays could look like.

26 March 2021

Andersen Press Easter Holiday Fun - activity pack

Andersen Press are continuing their commitment to supporting children and families who will be spending a lot of time at home over the Easter holidays, with a new activity pack featuring resources inspired by new titles. The pack is free...

26 March 2021

Reading Friends Tips for Managing Group Dynamics

This resource contains tips about managing group dynamics, challenging conversations and scenarios in a Reading Friends session.

17 March 2021

What’s the T? by Juno Dawson – Discussion Questions

What’s the T? is the essential guide to help readers aged 14+ discover what it means to be transgender and/or non-binary. From identity and expression to coming out and dating, Juno Dawson offers a frank and funny exploration of life...

17 March 2021

Reading Friends Tips for New and Prospective Parents

This resource contains tips for running Reading Friends with new and prospective parents, important things to consider, and the types of reading materials you could include. Use this resource when planning and delivering a Reading Friends session with new mums,...

16 March 2021

Circus Maximus by Annelise Gray - Teaching Resources

Welcome to the great Circus Maximus, the most glorious sporting stage in Ancient Rome, where the best horses and charioteers compete in a race to the death, and one girl dreams of glory. Twelve-year-old Dido dreams of becoming the first female...

16 March 2021

Bumper pack of activity sheets from OUP Childrens

Oxford University Press Children’s Books are helping you spring into reading with a bumper pack of activity sheets and reading notes. These resources include activities based on brilliant titles such as Victioria Stich, Winnie and Wilbur, Roald Dahl, Pippi Longstocking...

15 March 2021

The Supreme Lie by Geraldine McCaughrean - Discussion Questions

Twice Carnegie medal winning Geraldine McCaughrean’s enthralling new novel is set in a world paralysed by natural disaster and dangerous lies. Fifteen-year-old Gloria is maid to Afalia’s tyrannical Head of State, Madame Suprema. When the country is hit by unprecedented flooding,...

11 March 2021

44 Tiny Secrets and 44 Tiny Acrobats by Sylvia Bishop and Ashley King - Teachers' guides and activity

44 Tiny Secrets is the first book in a heartwarming and timeless new series with a brave and spirited heroine, from the acclaimed duo behind The Bookshop Girl. Betsy Bow-Linnet is determined to become a world famous concert pianist like her...

11 March 2021

Mort the Meek by by Rachel DelaHaye - Book trailer and teachers' guide

The first in a wickedly funny new series about an aspiring pacifist in a brutal kingdom! On Brutalia violence is a way of life. Ravenous ravens circle overhead, monstrous grot bears cause chaos and the streets are bulging with brawls. But...