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With your support, we empower people of all ages to read, because everything changes when you read.

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In the UK, 1 in 6 adults struggle to read and 1 in 4 children cannot read well by 11. 

This limits life chances and choices, and we aim to change that.

Reading makes us more aware and informed. It helps us grow our imaginations. It makes us more empathetic and understanding of other people and cultures. It supports our health and wellbeing. It increases our ability to learn new skills. It helps us communicate our ideas more effectively. It opens doors.

Learn more about the benefits of reading here

Working with public libraries, prisons, hospitals and other community settings, we reach over two million people a year. But with a UK population of over 67 million that’s not nearly enough. 

We need your support to reach and impact even more people across the UK.


  • Telephone us on 0207 324 2544 with your credit / debit card details.
  • Send cheques, postal orders or charity vouchers made payable to ‘read- The Reading Agency’ to The Reading Agency, 8 High Street, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 4AB

Other ways your can support:

How you’ve helped

Here’s just some of what we achieved together in 2022-23:

People borrowed over 12.9 million books from libraries in 2022-2023

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We hosted 7,873 reading groups across the UK in 2022-23

  • We reached over 2.17 million people
  • We hosted 7,873 reading groups across the UK
  • People borrowed over 12.9 million books from libraries
  • 139,863 people joined their local library
  • We gifted 256,825 books, ebooks and audiobooks

Read more about our impact here.

We believe reading has the power to transform lives and we can prove that it does. Support The Reading Agency today to help us get more people reading.

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