Who we work with

We work closely with other organisations to create and deliver our programmes and campaigns, which reach audiences of all ages across the UK. Shaped by our research, our work improves and supports health and wellbeing, literacy and social development. Our co-creation model means our programmes are developed and delivered with participants and partners.

See how we work with our key partners below or take a list at our full list of programmes and campaigns.


Since 2002, we have worked closely with publishers and prize partners to promote brilliant books throughout the year and nurture a lifelong love of reading. 


The Reading Agency has a range of programmes, initiatives and resources to support teachers and children in schools.


We work closely with libraries across the UK to deliver our flagship reading programmes to reach new and diverse audiences to get more people fired up about reading.


The Reading Agency works with prisons across the UK to help encourage and establish reading and literacy skills among adults in the criminal justice system.  

Health Settings

We work with health professionals and health organisations to provide accredited, helpful reading to support health and wellbeing.

Photo of a person wearing a white lab coat and reading a book on a table.


We work with Unionlearn, the learning and skills organisation of the TUC, and other workplaces and trade unions across the UK to ensure our programmes and campaigns like Quick Reads and Reading Ahead reach adults who want to develop their reading skills and confidence.

Photo of five young people sat at a table smiling and laughing. There are books on the table.

Reading Groups

We support book clubs across the UK to create connections and discover new books.

The Reading Agency

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