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We are proud of the impact our work has on people of all ages. In 2022/23, we reached 2.17 million people across the UK, demonstrating the incredible benefits of reading.

Through our programmes, over 139,000 children and families joined their local library and over 12.9 million books were borrowed from public libraries. We are thrilled to see so many people starting their reading journey, continuing to read or rediscovering the joy of reading.

People borrowed over 12.9 million books from libraries in 2022-2023

We reached over 2.17 million people in 2022-23

The impact of our partners

We could not share the benefits of reading without our partners. In 2022/23 we worked with 30,000 of them!

Through these partnerships, we were able to gift over 256,000 books, resources and activity packs. When we asked the readers of Reading Well if they found they books helpful, 92% said that they did.

We look forward to reaching and impacting even more people this year.

9 million people engaged in reading and writing through our partnership with the BBC in 2022-2023

We gifted 256,825 books, eBooks, audio titles and resources in 2022 – 2023

How we evaluate our impact

We evaluate the impact of our work in many ways, ensuring that we are making a difference for our audiences:

  • We conduct structured evaluation of our programmes, publishing evaluation and research reports on the findings.
  • We monitor the reach of our programmes, ensuring we are reaching the people who need our help most.
  • We speak to our partners and the people that take part in our programmes to find out about their experiences. We produce case studies highlighting the difference that our work makes to the children, young people and adults who take part.
  • We review external evidence to ensure our work builds on the most up-to-date research. We share the reading facts and library facts to raise awareness of the difference that reading can make to all our lives.

Find out more about the benefits of reading.

In 2022 – 2023, 54,410 digital participants took part in our programmes online

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We hosted 7,873 reading groups across the UK in 2022-23

Over 940,000 children, young people and adults attended our programme events

6,350 volunteers supported our programmes in 2022/2023

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We believe reading has the power to transform lives and we can prove that it does.

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