Tottenham Literature Festival 2023 – Big Read

We’re delighted to be partnering once again with the Bernie Grant Arts Centre on the Tottenham Big Read, as part of the Tottenham Literature Festival 2023. The Bernie Grant Arts Centre, in partnership with The Reading Agency will be giving away 400 books, free to the local community in Tottenham.

This year’s festival opens on 13 November and sees leading Black writers, journalists and TV personalities host a range of talks, events and workshops under the theme of the Black experience through the lens of the human body. Events will look at how the physical world and how reactions to it affect the body, and whether a holistic approach to life can help us thrive physically, mentally and spiritually and live as whole selves. The festival includes film screenings, a book stall, food and a schools day with an extensive free programme as well as tickets from £5 including a day pass.

As part of the festival, The Reading Agency are supporting the Bernie Grants Arts Centre in giving away free copies of Amazing Bodies, by award-winning trans non-binary emergency doctor, CBBC’s Operation Ouch! presenter, and activist, Dr Ronx. Children can pick up a copy of the book which will be available at the Bernie Grants Arts Centre during the festival week and in participating libraries.

There will also be an activity pack available to support children’s reading of the book, full of fun reading and writing activities to test children’s understanding of the book, as well as exciting science experiments to show the content of the book in real life. The pack will be available to download digitally in advance of the festival.

Click here to buy tickets and find out more about the festival and the big read.

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