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A gorgeous picture book to introduce children to Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr written by acclaimed children’s author Sufiya Ahmed with beautiful, colourful illustrations by Hazem Asif.

“The Best Eid Ever is a fantastic resource, and one of very few available in narrative form for children. It is a great way to teach and raise children’s awareness and knowledge of the religious festival of Eid. Through detailed pictures with plenty of colour, and the vocabulary in the text, children can visually see and understand the traditional and cultural aspects of the festival. The back of the book also includes facts and a glossary for ‘Amazing Eid’, allowing children to further learn and explore the text detail.”

- Maria (teacher), Reading Zone

About the book

Eid al-Fitr is Aisha’s favourite festival and this year her family have promised her and her brother an epic treasure hunt to find their gifts. But between all the chaos and celebrations, will Aisha ever get her presents? From breaking fast to going to the mosque, painting your hands with henna to sharing tasty treats, Aisha’s story is the ideal introduction to explore the story of Eid with your children, family or pupils and would make a beautiful gift for Eid.

Featuring gorgeous colour illustrations, a non-fiction section with Eid facts, a glossary of key vocabulary, and an accessible story, this stunning picture book is a must have for every child’s bookshelf.

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