The Rescue of Ravenwood by Natasha Farrant - digital pack

On top of the hill overlooking the sea is a magical place… A place worth fighting for.

To Bea and Raffy, Ravenwood is home. To Noa it’s a welcome refuge. In its own way, the house rescued them, even with a fallen tree taking up most of the kitchen. But now they’re about to lose it and there is nothing they can do… or is there?

We all have choices. Bea can stow away across Europe on a train. Raffy can keep climbing the tree. And Noa can find out who started the fire.

Join three extraordinary children as they fight to save what is most precious to them on our planet, in the epic new adventure from the Costa award-winning author of Voyage of the Sparrowhawk.

The digital pack includes:
Book club discussion notes and teaching resources
Nature activity checklists and nature fact sheets

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