Marv and the Dino Attack - digital resources

Illustrated by Paula Bowles and written by debut author Alex Falase-Koya.

Marv is an ordinary boy who loves spending time with Grandpa and reading comics with his best friend Joe. But everything changes when he discovers a mysterious superhero suit hidden in the attic… To his amazement, Marv learns that he is next in a long line of superheroes.

Now the time has come to meet his destiny!

It’s an exciting day for Marvin and his classmates because they are visiting the Natural History Museum. Marvin and Joe can’t wait to see all those dinosaur skeletons up close, but they get more than they bargained for when supervillain Leo turns up and brings the Dino skeletons to life! With the help of his loyal sidekick, a super-intelligent robot called Pixel, it’s time for Marvin to become superhero Marv. Marv must use all of his newfound superhero skills if he wants to stop Leo and save his classmates from the gang of marauding dino skeletons running riot!

Suitable for: Newly confident readers, fans of The Incredibles, PJ Masks, and the Marvel and DC Comics franchises (5+).

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The author: alexfkoya

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