John Agard reads When Creature Met Creature

WHEN CREATURE MET CREATURE by John Agard and Satoshi Kitamura

_Creature-of-No-Words lives a happy life on his own, but one day he gets a feeling like ‘the chill
touch of ice’ and nothing can lift his sadness. Just then Creature-of-Words arrives and senses his
despair. How can she help him communicate and become happy again?_

A great tool to get children and adults engaging with life again, after the isolation of lockdown, but more than that it’s a universal exploration of the power of words.

John Agard is one of the most exciting poets writing today, both for adults and children, and is this year’s winner of the Booktrust Lifetime Achievement Award.

Satoshi’s vibrant illustrations add multiple dimensions to the text – he has illustrated much of John’s poetry both for adults and children.

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