Rules for Vampires by Alex Foulkes and Sara Ogilvie - digital pack

Straighten your cape and sharpen your claws… being a vampire is harder than it looks!

There are highs and lows to being a vampire.

On one claw, you get cool powers like beastly strength and hypnotism and the ability to Grimwalk. On the other claw, however, vampires are bound by the Vampiric Laws: rules to protect the balance between the worlds of the Living and the Undead. And unfortunately, 11-year-old Leo has just forgotten rule number one… the rules for vampires don’t tell you what to do when you make a ghostly enemy, or accidentally restart an ancient war.

But Leo and her very unusual family are more than up to the job. A monstrously funny and devilishly dark new adventure from debut talent Alex Foulkes, illustrated throughout by the award-winning Sara Ogilvie, Rules for Vampires is the series that fans of Lemony Snicket and Skulduggery Pleasant will devour for breakfast.

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