Starfell by Dominique Valente and Sarah Warburton - Digital Activity Pack

Step into the magical world of Starfell in the most spellbinding children’s fantasy series of the year! With beautiful illustrations by Sarah Warburton, Dominique Valente’s Starfell is perfect for fans of Cressida Cowell and Nevermoor.

Willow Moss, the youngest and least powerful sister in a family of witches, has a magical ability for finding lost things – like keys, or socks, or spectacles. Useful, but not exactly exciting…until the most powerful witch in Starfell needs Willow’s help to find last Tuesday, which has completely disappeared off the calendar!

Now Willow holds the fate of Starfell in her rather unremarkable hands. Can she save the day – by finding the lost one?

Download the free digital activity pack!

The activity pack contains:
- Book covers
- A printable A3 Starfell poster
- Extracts from Starfell 1 and 2
- KS2-aligned Starfell teaching resources
- An extract from the Starfell 1 audiobook

If you download a pack we would love to see photos on social media (these can be taken from a phone and do not need to have children’s faces). You can do this using #Starfell and tagging HarperCollinsCh and readingagency on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and the author domrosevalente on Twitter. If you could also send your feedback of the pack to [email protected] by 10 August that would be much appreciated.

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