Reading Friends

Reading Friends

What is Reading Friends?

Reading Friends is The Reading Agency’s reading connection programme. It connects people by starting conversations through reading, giving opportunities to meet others, share stories, make new friends and have fun.

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Reading Friends has made a difference to people’s lives – supporting wellbeing, creating meaningful connections, reducing loneliness and engaging more people in reading together for pleasure. Reading Friends had a powerful impact on communities – building social support networks, creating long-lasting connections and friendships.  

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71% of Reading Friends participants found increased confidence to try new things thanks to the programme

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68% of Reading Friends participants felt less lonely thanks to the programme


Reading Friends report 2022-23

The Evaluation report for 2022-23 details the difference the programme continues to make, working with public libraries. It has some lovely case studies of activities…

Reading Friends volunteer role description

Provides potential volunteers with key information on what’s involved in the role. Editable for local information.

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Reading Friends volunteer application form

A template for local Reading Friends projects to adapt and use with people interested in volunteering. Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit.

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Reading Friends: creating connections in 2022/23

From 2022 to 2023, Reading Friends worked with 39 UK authorities and their delivery partners to make a positive difference to individual lives and whole communities – creating meaningful connections, reducing loneliness and improving wellbeing.

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