Hello Mum (Quick Reads) bookcover

Hello Mum (Quick Reads)

Bernardine Evaristo

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It’s a hot summer afternoon.

Tension is in the air. A gang of youths on bikes gathers outside a chip shop.

A teenage boy is stabbed and left bleeding on the street. The boy’s mother wonders how this could have happened to her son.

She is full of questions, but when the answers lie so close to home, are they really what she wants to hear?

Latest reviews

It's a good book that helps the youths. it mainly helps young boys and girls to stay out of trouble, it could also help parents to know their children very well and to also spend time with them. So this book is so helpful to youths who are involved in gangs that think it's cool or good to be part of a gang.

The book was thought -provoking and not what I was expecting. There was only 1 character and I did feel really sorry for him and I would recommend it to someone else.

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