A Fan for All Seasons: A Journey Through Life and Sport bookcover

A Fan for All Seasons: A Journey Through Life and Sport

Jon Harvey

‘Warm, sad and funny… There is something very eccentric and British about A Fan for All Seasons’ – Sunday Times

A hilarious, heartfelt, nostalgia-infused story of sport, loss and the journey of a lifetime.

After the sudden death of his older brother, Dan, Jon Harvey turned to the thing that had provided their strongest connection: sport, in all its myriad sublime and ridiculous forms. He made it his mission to visit as many events as he possibly could in a single year – to build the ultimate season ticket.

A kaleidoscopic twelve months took him from London Olympia to ancient Olympia, from rugby balls to Rubik’s Cubes, Wimbledon tennis to Wimbledon greyhounds, from tennis legend Roger Federer to darts hero Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams, and much, much more. It’s a celebration, of sport, life, and an unbreakable bond between two brothers.

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