Friendship Never Ends bookcover

Friendship Never Ends

Alexandra Sheppard

Meet Sunita, Gifty, Dawn and May. They’re each about to have a summer they’ll never forget, but does growing up have to mean growing apart?

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Good boo very inclusive but a bit confusing

An enjoyable read about the friendship dynamic between four girls going into Year 11. The girls, who all live in Kent have never spent a summer holiday apart until this year. As each girl spends the 6 weeks in a different location: London, Scotland, France or at home, they send postcards to each to make sure they are all up to speed with what is happening. Lots of things happen before finally they reunite, older and a little wiser but still the best of friends. Chapters are narrated by each girls so the reader follows the different holiday experiences and through the postcards sent. It is an entertaining, engaging read which will appeal to students from 12 - 16.

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