Into the Dark Forest: The Wildsmith #1 bookcover

Into the Dark Forest: The Wildsmith #1

Liz Flanagan, Joe Todd-Stanton

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A Wild smith is a person who heals things it is fiction. I liked Rowan.

This is an exciting adventure story which had me hooked in the first few pages. Rowan and her mother are forced to flee their hometown when war breaks out. they go and live deep in the forest with her grandfather. As strange things start to happen, Rowan realises that there may be more to her grandfather than she initially thought. The illustrations are lovely too and really add atmosphere. Genuinely unputdownable (I read it in one go!).

It was the best!! I loved Leaf!! I would highly, highly, highly recommend it!

This was a very good book to read that tells you to never give up.

Yes I would recommend this book to someone who likes adventure and dragons. It is fiction because everyone knows that dragons aren’t real. This book interests me because it helps animals and poachers try to get dragon horns because they think they will give the soldiers of Estrian more power than the other country that they are fighting. Amayah

I gave it 4*s because I thought it was a bit young for me. I am 9 and I think it would be better for 5 - 7 year olds. I would recommend it to my teacher!

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