Marv and the Blizzard Zone: from the multi-award nominated Marv series bookcover

Marv and the Blizzard Zone: from the multi-award nominated Marv series

Alex Falase-Koya, Paula Bowles

When ordinary boy Marvin wears his super-suit he becomes MARV. A superhero with infinite powers . . .

In this story, Marvin and his friends are ice skating at the Blizzard Zone when supervillain Master Blaster takes control of the rink, determined that everyone stops their fun to watch him skate. Soon, skaters are being frozen solid by the supervillain’s powerful ice blasts.

It’s time for Marvin to swap his skates for his superhero suit and become MARV-unstoppable, invincible, and totally MARVellous! Only then can Marv put an end to Master Blaster’s showing off.

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it is cool because he has a powerful super suit

I love that Marv is a secret Superhero with a super-suit powered by kindness and imagination.

very childish and fake


It has a ton of action. It has emotion. I just really liked it.

Marv and his friends visit the "Blizzard Zone" ice rink only to find that super villain Ice Blaster is freezing everyone solid to force them to watch him skate. Good job Marv has his super hero costume at the ready. Along with his robot sidekick Pixel, Marv sets out to save the day. A nicely produced first chapter book for younger readers. Part of a new series. Marv is a likeable character and the superhero element gives some appeal. Themes of kindness, friendship and teamwork. Story felt a bit incoherent and pointless at times (to me) but younger children will probably enjoy it.

I recommend it to be a very good book and I liked Marv and his side kick pixel the best because they worked together as a team and they have very good friendship and courage. I also found the book to very interesting.

My favourite character is Marv. I was intrested when Marv deafeted the bad guy.

Intriguing brilliant and great fun reading it

This book is really good. My favourite character is Marv the main character. My favourite part of the story is when Marv defeated the villain.

My favourite Characters were Marv and Pixel.

My favourite characters were Marv and Pixel.

This book motto's 'Be Kind not a show off' which they showed twice in the book and I loved the drawings too.

I enjoyed this book about super heroes, it was a bit short.

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