Call the Puffins: Book 1 bookcover

Call the Puffins: Book 1

Cath Howe, Ella Okstad

First in a delightful new series about puffins and teamwork – for readers aged 5+.

Welcome to the island of Egg where a group of young puffins are in training to join a search and rescue team.

Meet Muffin who is following in her dad’s footsteps and anxious not to let him down. Everything is new. There is so much to learn and new friends to be made. And how amazing to rescue birds and eggs in danger!

Muffin and the other puffins can’t wait to get started.

Latest reviews

this is a fiction book

A nice adventure. I liked the fact that Muffin's name rhymes with puffin; that was really good. Muffin was my favourite character. A good read for people with a love for puffins and action.

the puffins are teying to find a rescue team so they can join becaues there father was in a rescue team but he was fiction and i liked the most the two little puffins

I thought of the muffin the puffin found a egg and checked the egg if its warm . It was fiction. I would recommend this to someone else because it has facts of puffins.

nice one

it was a great time reading it because it was a good book


I enjoyed reading this book it reminded me about how I was when I was joining nursery not that I’m a puffin but you get the point

it was ok but i think we need more chaprers


Loved this book

Loved it

I liked the book

Fiction and it was interesting

simple but afective vocabualy

Love it!!

I like the muffin leave to join the muffin rescue that was brave to leave family to join the rescue team


Pretty much

I enjoyed it because it's an adventure and because I like puffins.

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