The Can Caravan bookcover

The Can Caravan

Richard O'Neill, Cindy Kang

A Traveller girl with a passion for design and technology collects cans for her local recycling plant and uses the metal to renovate an elderly neighbour’s caravan.

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Very good

I really liked Janie because she restored Mrs Tolen’s caravan with recycled aluminium sheets, which is creative and also super kind that she helped her.

Janie as she helped Mrs Tolen

I like Caravan!

I liked that the caravan was made out of cans and that everyone was kind and made it for free from recycling

Janie was the best character as she had a great imagination and helped Mrs Tolen

You learn how to recycle cans. There was a girl in the story and she liked to draw creatively. And her grandpa's sister lived in the caravan, and once the sister broke her leg and had to go to the hospital. The girl went to the hospital to see grandpa's sister and it was a surprise for her. My favourite person in the story was the girl.

My favourite character is Mrs Tolen because Mrs Tolen broke her leg.

At the end it shows you how cans can be recycled again and again.

I learnt if someone is sad or hurt everything is alright

Interesting book understanding recycling Kind little girl

When you find something thing hard you should not give up


I like the book

I love that the girl is trying to help the grandma.

I liked this book because it was really exciting. Things happen that you wouldn’t expect.

The kids built the can caravan for the teacher that injured. I like it because the kids help their teacher. recommend this book.

not so good

Really good. I liked the bit when it’s all finished. My favourite character is Janie because she’s the main character and she helps Mrs Tolen.

A lovely book about a travelling community, that comes together to help an older member of the community in trouble, it is a great use of recycling, creativity and community spirit. There are some words that are specific to the travelling community that may need explaining to the younger reader. Lovely artwork throughout the book.

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