The Burpee Bears bookcover

The Burpee Bears

Joe Wicks, Paul Howard

The Burpee Bears are back in this glorious new picture book from #1 bestselling author Joe Wicks!

Latest reviews

This story is funny and happy. The dog was so cute when it sticks out his tongue.

I love to doing the actions at the end and can’t wait to try the recipes

We liked baby bear the most. A fun bedtime story, would recommend

I learnt that everyday is good day

A really good book for 3-7 years old children and it's really entertaining

I loved it when they made the rocket tent. I also did the exercises and want to make some of the recipes!!

I love bears!

It was brilliant

It is fiction, of a family of burpee bears and a big family adventure, and help keep you fit and healthy. Highly recommend a book for everyone M.

It was interested story and It was fiction. I liked sister bear the best as it's about exercise.

Odd language for a children's book, but the story was ok

My mummy and I enjoyed this book. It was short and fun.

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