Noodle the Doodle (3) – Noodle the Doodle Wins the Day bookcover

Noodle the Doodle (3) – Noodle the Doodle Wins the Day

Jonathan Meres, Katy Halford

Noodle causes mayhem as Sports Day arrives at Wigley Primary – and a new friend adds even more mischief in this adorable canine caper from Jonathan Meres.

Sports Day has arrived at Wigley Primary and everyone is excited to take part in unusual events like book balancing, frisbee tossing and seeing who can race in the most layers of clothes! Of course Noodle the doodle is desperate to join in all the fun, but when he gets a new partner-in-crime, Daniel the spaniel, are the canine capers going to spiral out of control or can Noodle win the day …?

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I like that they saw a little puppy far away and then adopted it which was lovely

At wigley primary it was sports day one of the events was balencing , frisbee tossing and seeing who can race the most layers of clothes and noodle the doodle was obviously going to join in all the fun

It was nice I would recommend this book to a friend it Is fiction

This book was amazing noodle was very passionate about himself and was the winner to the school

Liked it because it's about sports

The book was not colourful

FIRST of all, I love dogs. So this is why I like this book.

it was okay

Better if it was more from the dogs point of view!

I love this book because it was intersting.

I really liked this book it was one of my favourite book. this book was was really interesting because I didn't know what noodle the doodle was trying to say. my favourite character was noodle the doodle because he looked very cute and funny in the pictures.

I like the story and I loved the dog, Noodle, and I also like Daniel the Spaniel. I like the idea of them having a sports day and all the different activities instead of a normal sports day.

The DAY HAS CAME! Sports day has started in Wigley primary school and everyone is over the moon with the event.They take part in so much called -unusual activities- such as book balancing , frisbee tossing and EVEN seeing who can win a race with the most layers of clothing on!But as Noodle the doodle is prepared , his so much teammate isn’t. Can his team spiral out or pull of the unimaginable?

It was great! I liked the dog of war

A really fun book I have read and my favourite character is noodle

I loved it

Mr. Reed! That’s my teacher!

I enjoyed this book and my favourite was when it said his tongue was flapping like a piece of pink ham. It made me laugh quite a lot.

I liked Noodle because he is playful and energetic and likes food . It interests me because it is a nice book and the settings are the beach and the classroom environment. Yes I will reccomend it to a friend.

As it was my last book I really enjoyed it

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