How to Help Someone with Dementia: A Practical Handbook bookcover

How to Help Someone with Dementia: A Practical Handbook

Dr Michelle Hamill, Dr Martina McCarthy

There can be a lot of understandable fear and worry when a loved one receives a diagnosis of dementia. Whilst the stigma of dementia can be powerful it should not restrict a person from finding meaning and purpose in life. Psychologists Dr Michelle Hamill and Dr Martina McCarthy believe that a holistic and relationship-centred understanding of dementia can help to acknowledge the challenges of the condition, whilst enabling people to live with dignity. This book provides insights and ideas to improve quality of life for both you and your loved one, drawing on the experiences of people who are caring for a person with dementia from our services. Through the book you will: understand dementia and the symptoms and behaviours that people with dementia can present with; learn communication skills and strategies that can help when caring for a person with dementia; and explore compassion-based care, develop resilience and improve your wellbeing. Whilst every situation is unique, this book will give you the confidence and advice you need to help you support your loved one.

Sut i Helpu Rhywun gyda Dementia
Gall fod llawer o ofn a phryder dealladwy pan fydd rhywun annwyl yn cael diagnosis o ddementia. Er y gall stigma dementia fod yn bwerus, ni ddylai gyfyngu rhywun rhag dod o hyd i ystyr a phwrpas mewn bywyd. Mae’r seicolegwyr Dr Michelle Hamill a Dr Martina McCarthy yn credu y gall dealltwriaeth gyfannol o ddementia sy’n canolbwyntio ar berthynas helpu i gydnabod heriau’r cyflwr, wrth alluogi pobl i fyw gydag urddas. Mae’r llyfr hwn yn rhoi mewnwelediad a syniadau i wella ansawdd eich bywyd i chi a pherson sy’n annwyl i chi, gan dynnu ar brofiadau pobl sy’n gofalu am berson â dementia o’n gwasanaethau. Drwy’r llyfr byddwch yn: deall dementia a’r symptomau a’r ymddygiadau y gall pobl â dementia eu cyflwyno; dysgu sgiliau cyfathrebu a strategaethau a all helpu wrth ofalu am berson â dementia; ac archwilio gofal sy’n seiliedig ar dosturi, datblygu gwytnwch a gwella eich lles. Er bod pob sefyllfa’n unigryw, bydd y llyfr hwn yn rhoi’r hyder a’r cyngor mae eu hangen arnoch i’ch helpu i gefnogi’r person sy’n annwyl i chi.

Dr Michelle Hamill
Dr Michelle Hamill is a consultant clinical psychologist who has worked in the NHS for over 18 years in the field of older adult mental health, memory clinics and dementia care. She has a particular interest in relationship-based psychological therapies.

Dr Martina McCarthy
Dr Martina McCarthy is a clinical psychologist with over 15 years’ experience in the NHS, specializing in memory clinic work and strength-based psychological therapies for people with dementia and older adults, along with family work. Michelle and Martina are both from Ireland. Their clinical work has been informed and shaped by personal experiences of dementia care.

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