Princesses Wear Trainers bookcover

Princesses Wear Trainers

Sam Squiers, Annabel Cutler

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I loved this book when I was younger because it was amazing.

Girls can do any sports


It was a lovely book to read. I liked how the princess liked sports and saved her parents in the end. I think it teaches you to be who you want to be, as long as you like it, that's all that matters.

The princess defeats the dragon and she got her mum and dad back and now she gets her trainers back. I love princesses. I would recommend this to someone else

I like this book because it shows you can do anything

Loved this book! Relly enjoyed how girls cn be sporty too!

I loved this book as I love wearing trainers with everything too

I liked the princess because she wears pink

Ellie the princess was beautiful and could wear trainers. I liked the story and would recommend.

I learnt that you should not bully others because of what they wear

It's good

funny, brave princess. i would recommend this to my friends.

I liked this book because at the end everyone wears trainers. I like wearing trainers because they make me run super fast.

From this story I came to know the importance of sports and what kind of shoes we need to wear to play sports.

I loved that any princess can do anything.

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