The Perfect Rock bookcover

The Perfect Rock

Sarah Noble, Sarah Noble

Ollie, Bea and Ula do everything together. They play in the waves, eat shellfish feasts and snuggle up together to sleep. But there comes a day in every otter’s life when they must find a perfect rock. One shiny and strong enough to crack open shells for themselves. When they find the best rock of all, who will get to keep it?

This picture book about sibling struggles and family love makes a cosy bedtime read that can help with difficult conversations about sharing. Sarah Noble’s gorgeous illustrations bring the world of sea otters to life.

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In this book 3 otters called Ollie,Bea and Ula do everything together. They all love and care by swimming together in the waves. But every otter has to find a perfect looking rock in life. They scavenge through the oceans , Through the tides.They set out of a never ending journey.ThenThey find it.

I liked the baby otter being cuddled by it's mummy on the first page and the baby otter was so cute!

I learnt to always share

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