Luna Loves Dance bookcover

Luna Loves Dance

Joseph Coelho, Fiona Lumbers

Latest reviews

I like this book

The book was encouraging

It made me want to dance

I like Luna she didn’t give up

I loved this book because I love to dance

great book

Its better than I thought

Lovely pictures and colours

I learnt that we have to be kindly

I liked the carnival dancers

My favourite part was when she did the shimmy

I learnt that you can be successful just wait

Excellent! It's awesome.

Luna loves dance It is a fiction book because it is a made up fairytale. My favourite character in the book is Luna. I would recommend the book to someone else because it is a great,amazing book.

I liked the book because it teaches u to nerver give up like luna. Im not sure who to recommend it to. My favourite charecter was luna because she is very enteraining . Im pretty sure it was fiction and non fiction.

I love this book because there are so many dance tricks , it was fiction , i ike luna’s dad.i am interested beacuse i like dance , i am happy if others person also will read this book.

I loved that Luna loves to dance so much and she was really good at it that it made me want to dance.

The book makes me think to remind and be positive.

Thought it was a good story Favourite bit was the end when luna learnt to love dancing again

I love dancing like she does you can't stop the beat

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