The Boy Who Sailed the World bookcover

The Boy Who Sailed the World

Julia Green, Alex Latimer

‘Right from the start, the boy loved the sea!
He ran along the sand, danced in and out of the waves, his heart full of longing and delight’

The boy has always loved the sea. So he builds a boat and sails away on a voyage of adventure . . .

The wonders of the world await you in this beautiful and inspiring book about following your dreams.

Latest reviews

Was good

i liked it

It was OK- not my favourite book.

He loved it and he pretended to be on an adventure with the boy

I liked this book and I would recommend it.

I learnt that adventures are not always bad just fulfill your dream

This is an interesting book and got the story of the boy who loves sea and goes on adventure.

kinda good

It was factual , about real people

It wasn't good when the boat went glug glug.

I love this book

I thought this book was good because it is about the sea and I want to be a fisher so thats why I like this book.

A fiction book based on real events. The author's son dreamed as a child of travelling around the world. This gorgeous book shows us that it is good to dream and that even the most incredible dreams can come true. This book made me think about never being too old to dream. I will definitely read it to children and look forward to hearing them articulate their own dreams.

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