Daydreams and Jellybeans bookcover

Daydreams and Jellybeans

Alex Wharton

From forgotten jellybeans to sparking daydreams, Alex’s poems, written for primary school age children, are both funny and thoughtful, and aim to spark familiarity and inclusion. And the illustrations from Katy Riddell will focus on the fun and dreamlike quality of the poems’ engagement with the natural world.
These poems use rhyme, rhythm and free verse and are ideally suited to performance in a school setting, nurturing a love of language, reading, confidence and self-expression.

Latest reviews

I didn’t like the poems Dear Brother and Jellybean because they are very disgusting to read but I liked how the author wrote his poems

The poems are good it’s just there’s only one poem about jellybeans.


I enjoyed reading the poems in this book.

Loved these poems

I enjoyed the poem and my favourite poem was the Jellybean poem.

Very funny

I liked the poems

I loved the jelly bean one and the writing about spiders but not some of the others about clocks or waterfalls. Nothing interested me. It might be good for my friends but not me.

I loved the poems especially the bubble man poem

I liked all the poems especially jelly bean and guilty

Fiction. Loads of poems. Some happy some sad.

The jellybean and guilty were my favourite poems.

A lovely anthology of poems on a range of subjects to entertain and provoke thought. Poems are written in a range of styles, illustrating the variety of ways poetry can be presented. The illustrations beautifully reflect the themes of the poems.

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