A Day in the Life of a Caveman, a Queen and Everything In Between bookcover

A Day in the Life of a Caveman, a Queen and Everything In Between

Mike Barfield, Jess Bradley

Shortlisted for the Lollies 2023

A colourful and comical tour through history from cartoonists Mike Barfield and Jess Bradley.

The hilarious minds behind A Day in the Life of a Poo, a Gnu and You have teamed up once again – this time to give a taste of the daily lives of the people, animals and objects who made history.

Featuring a day in the life of early humans as they paint mammoths on the walls of a cave, a fierce gladiator battling in the Colosseum and the first woman in space. And not forgetting the animals of history – from an Egyptian cat (worshipped as a god, of course) to an albatross flying over Rapa Nui and a dog in the trenches of the First World War.

Readers can also discover the stories behind famous constructions, including the Great Wall of China and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and delve into the secret diaries of a Viking, Isaac Newton’s cat and the wooden panel that became the Mona Lisa.

With over 90 entries told in the friendly, informative style of Mike Barfield and brought to life by Jess Bradley’s brilliantly funny illustrations, this book will have children learning and laughing as they go.

Latest reviews

Super funny


Very funny, yet informative book giving snapshots of a day in the life of different people and objects, e.g. a vase, a wheel, a stone from Stonehenge, Neanderthals, farmers etc.

My book was factual and it interested me because every fact was like a mini story. There were diary's of things like tulips telling me how popular they were.

It was an interesting read about the events in history. I would recommend this book.

This book is super fun! It does have some weird things and some fun facts too! I really enjoyed reading it.

I liked this book because it shows lots of different facts about different things that have happened in history in a fun, comical way. It also includes extracts from a secret diary of different historical things or people. My favourite comics from this book include the Movie Writer, the phone and the Ancient Olympian because they interest me a lot with the facts. I would recommend this book to people who like learning about the past and the present and probably 7+.

A great summary of world history in graphic format. Some gaps but that is to expected!

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