Clean Up! bookcover

Clean Up!

Dapo Adeola, Nathan Bryon

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Good book

I really wish I could give this book 10 stars

The first female surf competition in Jamaica was created by Imani Wilmot! The girl.went ro seen her grandparents in Jamaica and saw rubbish in the beach and made a clean up crew. Saved a turtle and made a bin from recycled rubbish so people can keep the beach clean! Great story and we should all try to clean up some.more and look matter our planet and the creatures.

I enjoyed reading this book

great story

I liked Rockets did you know facts. I liked how Rocket saved the environment.

I love all the books from this author. this one made me think especially when I was at the beach myself this summer and saw the polution.

I am upset about people throwing their rubbish away, and harm sea animals. I think if we all stick together and cleaning up our mess we can all the animals.

The baby turtle was really cute

I like this book because the beech was clean

I like when the girl got her friend!

We need to take care about the Earth and reduce plastic consumption

Let’s save our planet

I loved it, it explained why keeping the ocean clean is important.

I like this book because it thought us to clean up. it is fictional.

There is less animals because of polLuton in the see

This was a good book. I learnt that it is important to pick up litter because animals from the sea won't get trapped in them like inside plastic bottles, cans and jars.

I like that everyone helped clean up.

I like how Rocket cleared up the beach free of plastic.She also saved a turtle from being tangled in some.Jamal is always on his phone.I like the fish bins.

I enjoyed this book. The pictures were nice and it was good to learn about keeping the ocean clean

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