One in a Hundred Thousand bookcover

One in a Hundred Thousand

Linni Ingemundsen

““Perfectly captures how it feels to be an outsider. I loved it.”“ Tamsin Winter

Fifteen year old Sander wishes he was like everyone else. But he has Silver-Russell syndrome, a condition that affects one in a hundred thousand. It means he is smaller than all the other kids in school, a place where the biggest and the loudest get all the attention. Like Niklas.

Everyone thinks Niklas is cool and good-looking – except Sander. He doesn’t like the way Niklas brags, behaves like a jerk and lies. Niklas is one of life’s tall people and next to him, Sander always ends up feeling small.

But Sander is different in more ways than one. He notices things other people miss, and he’s noticed something about Niklas…

A moving coming-of-age classic, about fitting in, standing out and the power of friendship.

““Exceptional”“ The Times on Linni Ingemundsen

Latest reviews

I thought this was a brilliant book it was about friendship kindness and love and most importantly about being different and a reminder to all that being different is the best thing in the world to be !

The book gives a great insight insist into what it's like to be "different". To have a "hidden condition" and live with how that condition impacts our thoughts and feelings. It also gives a great insight into how we forge first impressions and how they influence relationships. A great story about being different and friendships.

I enjoyed this book and the topics it brought to light. Sander was a charming character and one who was relatable. The book did have some trigger warnings and content that is suitable for older children. While I enjoyed reading it, it's not a book I would necessarily recommend to many people.

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