Grobblechops bookcover


Elizabeth Laird, Jenny Lucander

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Ok read

Too scary.

I was scared to read it at first but I liked that the monster liked the pick-up truck!

Great book about facing up to your fears. I liked this book

Bit scary for a 5 year old

Fiction book - monsters are fake but a little bit real in the woods. When grobblechops is scared of the boy as a tiger. Story is about monsters, and scary bedtime stories.

It was grobblechops’s dad because he was green and green is my favourite colour. Yes i would recommend it.

Liked when grobblechops and the boy shared the toys

Very good

A brilliant way to calm children who are scared of monsters under their beds or the dark. Definitely recommend

I thought the book wasn’t that good because it only told me about a boy that didn’t want to go bed because he was scared that monsters are going to come out and eat him. The book was short and boring. I wouldn,t recommend this book to someone else.

Not very funny

A bit Scary. But I still liked it.

It was a good story

this was funny and a little bit scary. I liked grobblechops best and I would recommend it.

I liked it but it wasn’t very fun.

fictional. Good book found it scary

I love this book because it’s so good for kids

Amir was scared there was a monster under his bed!

I love that there are so many monsters . The pictures are very exciting!

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