Goldilocks (A Hashtag Cautionary Tale) bookcover

Goldilocks (A Hashtag Cautionary Tale)

Jeanne Willis, Tony Ross

Everyone loves Goldilocks’ hilarious online videos, but in her quest to get more likes, more laughs and more hits, she tries something a little more daring: stealing porridge #pipinghot, breaking chairs #fun, and using someone else’s bed #sleep. What will Daddy Bear do when he sees that online?

A hilarious cautionary tale for a new generation of internet-users from the prize-winning partnership of Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross, the third of its kind following Chicken Clicking and Troll Stinks.

Latest reviews

I liked goldilocks’s brother the best because he did silly things. I would recommend to my friends.

The police took her phone. Its about goldlock and the 3 bears.

Didn’t like the pictures much. But a good read


Think before you click when sharing anything

Goldilocks clean the bear’s house

I liked it because it was all about phones and you’re not allowed them.

I thought that it tells us more about her self We do know the other Goldilocks but theis book told us a lot more it also about her family her little brother likes to eat jam Goldilocks likes to send videos and Photos to her friends

This book is interesting and my favourite character is big bear in this book . I recommend this book to my friend.

I liked the rhyming sentences and the #’s. I liked when she broke the chair and fell asleep in the bed.

Absolutely should read👍

It is a rhyming book and it is funny. I would recomend this book to anyone who likes twisted tales.

I like this book.

I liked this story because it had funny pictures. It tells you how to be safe online.

I like this book

I liked this book because it was funny and made me laugh.

it's a vey funny book

I liked goldilocks and the story.

I liked this story, it taught me not to over share on social media. I would say it’s a good book to read

I liked that it rhymed and that it was funny, I thought one part was very funny because it said "Farting Ferrets, Frisky Rabbits" also a cat was riding a bike. I felt bad for Goldilocks as I didn't think that she had done a lot wrong but had to do lots of chores. I enjoyed it but I'm sure whether I would recommend to someone else.

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