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Stewart Foster

A funny, moving and utterly original story from Stewart Foster, award-winning author of THE BUBBLE BOY

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This interesting, plot-twisting story about a young boy who is trained by his granddad to become a champion. I would recommend this book to anyone who is ready to be hooked in and enjoy a thrilling ride.

It was very interesting and I really liked that the main character did not give up no matter what.

It's peculiar.

Nice, I would recommend this to people who like chess and maybe people with ADHD

This book is fictional. I like the the main character in this book,his name is Felix Schopp he has an ADHD so he can't focus on his work.His granddad teaches him chess and soon he becomes a very good chess player so he goes on to be the school champion! I recommend it to people who want a good book to read as this is currently this is the best book I have ever read!

I really enjoyed it because the author made no pictures but he described it so well I could really create the pictures in my mind.

fiction Grandpa yes

Love this book, especially how his grandad taught him chess with every day objects!

Loved this book, it was a great story & liked the characters. I liked the mystery of the story, I enjoyed the relationship between the boy & his grandad.

I loved everything about this story. The relationship between Felix and his grandad is very special and it was lovely to see it develop. The inclusion of the description of how Felix struggled with ADHD at school was carefully done and gave the reader an excellent insight. Would definitely recommend.

I thought it was the best book EVER.....For people who love chess[ like me] you will 99.9% love it! My favourite character was Felix as he hated chess yet some how he found a way to love it considering they [Characters ] think he has ADHD he has done really well. I would defiantly recommend it to a person who LOVES chess.....

Enjoyed the book because it centred around a year seven boy ( with ADHD) and the relationship that is built with his granddad through their (in the end) love of chess ( which is something I enjoyed growing up) and also the happiness he feels for being successful at something. Although the book builds, it is slow to get going, which I think, will put less dedicated readers off.

Inspiring. Made me want to learn chess better.

I liked the book because I like to play chess and wanted to know more about it. I mostly liked Grandpa as he was trying to give more enthusiasm to his grandson to make him play chess rather than Fortnite. I would recommend this to my friend

A slow start - hard to get into. Quite boring in places but details the lovely relationship between a lonely grandad and his grandson Felix

chess is now really interesting for me

Amazing Felix has changed my life

It inspires me to practice chess

I recomend the book to anyone who likes adventuer and chess!

My favourite character is Felix I would recommend this book to my brother

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