Double Felix bookcover

Double Felix

Sally Harris, Maria Serrano

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my favourite character is Charlie and lavender (his sister ) by the way.

It told me alot about how to understand other people

I would recommend this book yo someone else. Felix love Mrs lovejoy and there's a school name sribbly gum primary school but this is a weird part Mrs lovejoy ask for a knife to Helen, thing is mrs Troy was wearing big heels and when she walks they sound like pony. My favourite character was miss Jessup was a very nice teacher and was felix's teacher

Love this book so creative

I love the moral of this story , you can always overcome your problems as long as you have someone to listen

I really enjoyed this book. My favourite character was Felix. I would definitely recommend this book.

I enjoyed reading this book because it tells you a true fact about the brain, it shows to people becoming companions and it also shows how everyone is different. This book is not true and my favourite character is Charlie Pye because she stands up for her friend Felix, understands how Felix is and shows him an trick with wool. Double Felix interested me because on the blurb it is says that a new girl named Charlie stops him from getting expelled which sounded interesting, so I wanted to read it. I would recommend to others because this book is awesome.

The book wasn’t too bad but was a bit easy for me. It was interesting reading about Felix’s number ‘2’ obsession

It was a tale of true friendship and kindness. I loved that Charlie is so wild and free, she is shocking. I really enjoyed it!

Very funny. I has a good lough reading this book

I liked the mum the best I would recommend reading this

Felix is having problem that he is obsessed with even numbers . He likes to be on time and has to follow his routine.

This book about Felix started having anxiety’s when his mother became pregnant but he got over with some help from his friends.

I Could read this book again and again feix has some problems with the basil ganglia and charlie turns his world upside donw witha new sister going to be bron there will be 7 people in this family what a nightmare for felix!

It is quite a good book

This book is about when Felix will get expelled from Scribbly Gum Primary School if Mrs Lovejoy the headteacher of Scribbly Gum Primary School decides he has to leave Scribbly Gum Primary School but he doesn't get expelled from Scribbly Gum Primary School.

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