Jemima Small Versus the Universe bookcover

Jemima Small Versus the Universe

Tamsin Winter

Jemima Small just wants to be like other girls. She hates being called ““Jemima Big”“, being forced to join the school health group – aka Fat Club – and that she can’t apply for her favourite TV show without worrying everyone will laugh. But she also knows that the biggest stars in the universe are the brightest. So maybe it’s her time to shine.

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I like it when Jemima gets the crystal from Luna's friend's shop.

5/5 I would recommend this to people who have already read some of this author's books

I would recommend this fiction book as it shows people that you can do anything whatever you look like.

It was really good and educational! I couldn't put it down.

I loved reading this book and my son enjoyed reading it after me. I was gripped from the very beginning as it sums up Jemima Small's life perfectly with one word - "big". It follows the life of a young schoolgirl called Jemima who battles with her weight which in turn affects her self confidence. She is asked to join the school's Healthy Eating Club aka "Fat Club" as Jemmima calls it. Thus making her feel totally embarassed. What could be worse !! She lives at home with her brother and her dad. Her mum left many years ago and this left a big hole in Jemima's heart. She is incredibly bright and wants to appear on a TV school quiz game called Brainiacs but her lack of confidence and low self body image are only a couple of the barriers which try to hold her back. The story is quick witted and talks about body image and body positivity which affects most of us if not all of us at some points of our lives, especially young people with the rise of social media and the "perfect look and body" image that young children constantly see online. I would recommend this book for boys and girls from age 9 upwards. It is a very easy to read book with a good positive ending.

I loved this book. Sometimes I feel exactly like Jemima, because of my size. But this book reminds you to remember there's more to yourself than looks

I just loved reading this book.

I really enjoyed this book! I liked how it talked about fat-shaming and how Jemima felt uncomfortable in her body openly but also talked positively about her as well. I enjoyed the storyline and I really like the books by this author!

Jemima Small is known as Jemima Big amongst some of her peers. She has the chance to appear on a game show and in the run up also works on her body image and self-esteem. Suitable for Year 7 and above. Unfortunately I think a lot of young people will be able to relate to some of what some Jemima goes through but the book also offers advice and positivity.

I liked this book because it's all about confidence and body positivity.

I did not really like this book. It was quite boring.

Jemima is girl who looks different to everyone else, but she’s not proud of it. At school she gets bullied, and then gets put into a special club. Can she overcome her fear and complete her dream?

Personaly i didnt really enjoy it.

I saw this book recommended in my magazine, The Week Junior. It was nice but I’ve already read lots of these type of books.

Beautiful and inspirational encouraging you to embrace your differences and “aspire to achieve”.

I loved this book my favorite character was Jemima Small.

I would recommend this book because it tells you that it doesn't matter how you look or how you act you are still great in your own way.

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