Science Experiments at Home: Discover the science in everyday life bookcover

Science Experiments at Home: Discover the science in everyday life

Susan Martineau, Vicky Barker

Explore the science in everyday life with these simple, step-by-step experiments to do around the home. Each activity takes a complex, scientific concept and makes it easy for kids to understand. Young scientists will enjoy discovering the science behind the simple phenomena all around them.

Latest reviews

I tried many of the experiments at home and loved it!

I loved the experiments

Amazing interesting book!

Loved it extremely well written and experiments were great definitely try it you will definitely like it

Some of the experiments are fun but not all of them!

I loved doing these experiments

Great fun to do with my mum and sister!

I tried some of the experiments and it was really fun.

This is a non-fiction book.I like it because it has soo many experiments and I did some of them at home.

There's this skittle experiment

I like the book because I like science experiments and the ones I tried were really fun. Also, with one of the experiments I added extra ingredients to see what happened.

Good advice for kids like me and also good experiments I borrowed this book from the library and I did an experiment with my mum and I had to get oil and soap in a bowl of water the final result was pretty cool there are fun things for family’s to do the reason I gave this book a 4 star was because it isn’t a independent book you have to get your parents But they could be busy but the book is still good probably recommend to 9-13? It is a pretty good book.

It interested me because you can do some fun experiments. Yes I would recommend it to my friends.

It's an interesting book that tells you what science experiments you can do whilst sitting at home.

I wanna try!

I found this book fairly fun because you can do science experiments at home. My favourite one is creating a rainbow with kitchen roll.

I liked getting my notepad and pen and seeing what i could find around my house like they did in the book

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