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Kwame Alexander

A novel written in verse, flowing freely and smoothly, reading perfectly naturally. Poet and author Kwame Alexander skilfully tells the story of Nick Hall, a clever, articulate, football loving youngster. Everything is rosy for Nick, until his mum leaves, and then one by one other things start to go wrong in his life. He has to learn to live through some painful experiences, including parental divorce, bullying at school, unreasonable expectations from his dad, and unrequited love.

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Great read and not what I expected. Written in first person but in series of poems.

I think the book is fiction because when i read it,it didnt really sound fact .I really liked it it was enjoyable and i recomend for other people

This is a graphic novel. It has 315 pages, but as each page is an illustration and the font is in capital letters, it can be read very quickly. I’ve enjoyed this author’s previous books and this was no exception. A poignant read in places, but also very funny. The theme of the book focuses around football, friendships and family.

lovely book football themed

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