The Colour Thief: A family's story of depression bookcover

The Colour Thief: A family's story of depression

Andrew Fusek Peters, Karin Littlewood, Polly Peters

The Colour Thief is a simple, heart-warming tale which helps to open up the conversations around depression and to support young children whose families have been affected.

We follow a young boy who loves spending time with his dad, doing fun things together. When his father becomes sad and distant, he doesn’t understand and believes he has done something to make his dad so, despite being told otherwise. Time passes and his father begins to get happier again and they have fun together like before. Narrated from the child’s perspective and illustrated with beautiful pictures by the award-winning artist Karin Littlewood, this is the perfect book to read with children aged 7-9 years old who are trying to understand the cause and effects of depression, and reassure them that depression passes and their parents are not lost to them.

‘It’s crucial kids learn about depression; that it’s nothing to feel ashamed about and they are not alone – one fourth of the world knows what it feels like. It’s going to be them that break the stigma, not us.’ Ruby Wax

‘This book brings freshness and vibrancy into a world often portrayed as dark and hidden, and it can help take away the feelings of helplessness and fear that can make families feel so alone.’ Marjorie Wallace CBE, Hon FRC Psych, Founder of SANE.

‘Vividly depict[s] a young boy’s reaction to his father’s depression… it’s worth sharing this clever and heartfelt book with the kids in your life.’ – Elise Moon (6) and Nick Moon (42), Kent – Single Step Magazine

Latest reviews

I thought it was a bit boring

The pictures were beautiful.

I thought it was sad and happy because the son and the dad loved th colours but then they went away the colours but they came back.

It was amazing because the colours went back when dad was happy but in the beginning dad was sad

I just don't like the bit when the dad felt like a marble stuck in a bottle. That bit made me feel sad.

I enjoyed this story and it helped me to understand my own dad's feelings too.

The book is about the Dad being poorly - there wasn't actually a colour thief x

I found this book very interesting to read. It made me think.

The Colour Thief is a great book showing on what it is like if some one really special to you loses all the colour in them and feels very dull. I recommend this book to readers above the age of 7.

The pictures were kind of scary especially the one with the tree because it looked like it had a face. I like the book and would tell my friends to read it. I like the picture of him in the bottle

I’m happy that the colour came back.

That story was sad

It was about a boy and a dad the dad loved colour but one day he got depressed everything was grey he thought the lamppost and the street were laughing at him until on day the sun was shining when he opened the curtains and had a cup of tea and wasn’t depressed any more and when’s on a walk with his son

I loved this book because the dad found colours in the end.

I thought there was a thief that stole colours. I didn't know the dad had the colour thief inside. I thought a boy had it. It was factual and it interested me because it had an happy ending. Yes I would recommend it to someone else.

It was a very nice book how every I did not know when winter came the man thought their was a thief The boy because he showed his dad that the colour came back yes I would recommend this book

It was sad and boring. I did not like any person there

I’m feeling happy for the dad in the story when the sun goes up. My favourite character is the little boy.


Its a fiction story book. I like the character of dad's boy. He helpes his dad overcome his depression. I recommend this book to my friends.

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