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Jessica Shepherd

More and more children are encountering dementia and its effects on their families. This touching story, told in Oscar’s own words, is a positive and practical tale about the experience. The factual page about dementia helps children talk about their feelings and find new ways to enjoy the changing relationship.

Latest reviews

I loved the book, because I liked it when Grandma went to a different house.

Such a lovely book

His Grandma does lots of stuff together.

Lovely story

So sad, but an effective book for explaining about a grandparent with dementia moving to a care home.

I liked all of the story. My favourite character was the Grandma, she was nice. I would say other people should read this book too.

I loved this book about Grandma

This book made me feel a bit sad.

I like hoe the grandma adapt and learn with her granson Oscar

I loved listening to my my read this to me. Yes I want my friends to read it

This book drew my child closer to his grandma as she is currently with us. He is now yearning to assist grandma. A good book to recommend

I loved it because I love my granny.

It was a good book to read

It was really good book

It was a lovely story

Loved this book


I read this book with my Grandma and we both enjoyed it.

I loved it.

Good if dementia in family or grandparent moving to nursing home

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