World Book Night: A Chapter A Day

Have you ever felt like you really want to get stuck into that book you’ve been meaning to pick up for months–but for some reason you can never quite get around to sitting down to read? There always seems to be a distraction in our 21st century world, whether it’s the glare of the television in the evening, that new box-set waiting for your day off or the buzz of an electronic device in your pocket.

If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. In a survey conducted to mark World Book Night 2019, the annual national celebration of reading and books run by The Reading Agency, two thirds of respondents said they would read more if they spent less time scrolling on their phones. 72% of the young people surveyed said they find it difficult to stop checking their phones while they read.

This is why this World Book Night we are launching a new campaign, A Chapter A Day, designed to help our ‘Notification Nation’ find ways to read a few pages every day, building up to a chapter a day and more.

Tips and resources

On this page you can find lots of resources to inspire your reading journey. Take a look at our tips on how to get started with reading and, once you’re up and running, how to progress to a chapter a day and beyond.

We have two booklists: one is made up of shorter books, including Quick Reads while the other contains the list of World Book Night 2019 titles.

Last but not least, some of our brilliant World Book Night authors have shared their experiences of how reading helps them relax.

Get involved

Visit the World Book Night website to find out about events going on across the country

Explore more booklists, including the World Book Night list, on our Reading Groups for Everyone website

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