The Reading Agency announces its drive to tackle the UK adult literacy crisis

The Reading Agency has today launched a new fundraising campaign focused on improving adult reading confidence across the UK.

The ‘Reading Power’ campaign aims to raise funds to deliver vital reading programmes and resources to the 8.5 million adults in the UK with low literacy skills. Funds raised will support The Reading Agency’s programmes like Quick Reads and Reading Ahead which provide accessible reads, tools and encouragement to help adults improve their reading confidence and ability.

With 1 in 6 UK adults struggling with reading, The Reading Agency is determined to tackle the national adult literacy crisis which limits life chances and access to work and health services. Adults with poor literacy face social isolation, stigma, and exclusion as they are unable to complete simple daily tasks many take for granted like reading a utility bill, instructions on medication or their child’s school report.

The charity is calling on the public to donate and help create a future where every adult can access the joy of reading and embrace its benefits for wellbeing, self-esteem and life prospects. As little as £10 can provide reading resources and guidance that help someone improve their reading skills and confidence.

Karen Napier, CEO, The Reading Agency said: “With so many adults in the UK lacking vital literacy skills, we want to empower people to unlock the life-changing power of reading. Our programmes have helped hundreds of thousands of readers grow their skills and confidence. But we urgently need support to reach millions more struggling with literacy, to help them gain skills, confidence and access to reading’s enriching benefits.”

Visit the fundraiser platform to support the charity’s mission and give adults the power of reading.


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The Reading Agency

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