The Reading Agency and WWF invite children on a virtual Arctic reading adventure!

The Reading Agency is thrilled to announce a new reading adventure partnership with WWF-UK – the Winter Mini Challenge – following the success of the Summer Reading Challenge 2021. The Winter Mini Challenge encourages children to continue reading over the winter holidays with a free, digital platform offering rewards and prizes for continuing to read.

The Reading Agency is once again teaming up with WWF-UK to continue the Wild World Heroes’ theme for the Winter Mini Challenge. This time, the Wild World Heroes characters will be going on an Arctic adventure to explore and celebrate our natural world. Following the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, the theme will inspire children to explore ways of helping to save the planet. With ideas from WWF-UK, the Challenge focuses on acting for nature and tackling environmental issues.

During the school holidays, some children can experience a decline in reading. The Winter Mini Challenge plays a vital role in providing an outlet for children to continue reading for enjoyment outside the classroom.

The Winter Mini Challenge is run through The Reading Agency’s digital platform and to complete the Challenge, children simply read three or more books of their own choice. Each time they finish a book, they add it to their Challenge website profile and leave a short book review.

The Winter Mini Challenge will launch on 1 December and run through until 16 January.

Karen Napier, CEO, The Reading Agency said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be continuing our partnership with WWF for the Winter Mini Challenge – with their commitment to environment and following the success of the Summer Reading Challenge, we’re thrilled to continue this collaboration to deliver our ‘Wild World Heroes’ theme. Each year, we provide children with a chance to keep reading together over the winter holidays and we’re looking forward to working with libraries to get more children participating than ever!”

Tanya Steele, CEO, WWF, said: “Young people are the future of our planet – they have a huge thirst for knowledge about the environment. Together with The Reading Agency, we are providing them with the content and knowledge they need. The Winter Mini Challenge comes in a pivotal year for climate action, and I hope it will encourage young people to start on a life-long journey of protecting nature and our planet”.

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