The Reading Agency and Science Museum Group invite children on a winter reading adventure

The Reading Agency is thrilled to announce that we are continuing our partnership with Science Museum Group for the Winter Mini Challenge, a reading adventure which encourages children to continue reading over the winter holidays with a free, digital platform offering rewards and prizes for continuing to read.

Following the success of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge, The Reading Agency is once again teaming up with Science Museum Group to continue the Gadgeteers theme throughout the winter. Through taking part online via the Challenge website, children will be able to join six fictional Gadgeteers.

The characters – brought to life by children’s writer and illustrator Julian Beresford – use their curiosity and wonder to understand the science behind a whole range of interests, from fashion and technology to cooking and music. With activity ideas and resources from Science Museum Group, the Winter Mini Challenge will help to spark children’s curiosity about the world around them, inspiring them through creativity and invention. The setting for the Winter Mini Challenge is a festive party at the Gadgeteers’ community centre. When a sudden snowstorm whirls in, can the Gadgeteers use their ingenuity, creativity and curiosity to keep everyone entertained until the weather brightens?

During the school holidays, some children can experience a ‘dip’ in their reading skills. The Winter Mini Challenge supports this by providing an outlet for children to continue reading for enjoyment outside the classroom. The supporting resources will help families and teachers to provide free-to-access recreational activities over the holiday.

The Winter Mini Challenge will launch on 1 December and run through until 20 February.

Karen Napier, CEO, The Reading Agency said: “We know that reading and science skills development go hand in hand. That’s why we’re delighted to be continuing our partnership with Science Museum Group for this year’s Winter Reading Challenge. We hope that the ‘Gadgeteers’ will spark the imaginations of children up and down the country this winter.”

Susan Raikes, Director of Learning at the Science Museum Group, said: “We are delighted to continue our partnership this year with The Reading Agency for the Winter Reading Challenge. We are sure that the further adventures of the ‘Gadgeteers’ will inspire children to use their imagination. Reading ignites curiosity and this is an opportunity to explore the science and innovation all around us.”

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