Road to Reading returns after helping 1 in 2 improve their reading focus last year

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The Reading Agency today announced the return of its highly successful Road to Reading initiative as part of the annual World Book Night celebrations. Following its remarkable impact in 2023 when it helped 1 in 2 participants focus more on their reading and improve concentration, the Road to Reading aims to inspire even more people to make reading a regular habit this year.

Perfect for those who are looking for support to start a new habit, people who struggle to find the time, or readers who haven’t picked up a book in a while, the Road to Reading invites everyone to pledge to read every week for 30 minutes or more, for a 10-week period. Participants are invited to join in by signing up and logging their reading.

The Reading Agency hopes that reading lovers will help to sign people up to take part, supporting our mission to get the nation reading! Participants will receive:

  • Regular check-ins and support to establish a consistent reading routine.
  • Personalised reading recommendations tailored to their interests.
  • Support from a vibrant social media community of fellow readers.

The 2023 Road to Reading findings demonstrate the initiative’s significant impact. The Road to Reading supported readers to re-establish a reading habit, with 2 in 5 reporting that it helped them read for enjoyment and out of choice more than before. Most participants felt that they met their personal reading goals set at the start, whether that was reading more regularly, for longer, or exploring new genres through the reading recommendations provided.

By taking part in the Road to Reading:

  • 86% of participants reported feeling more relaxed, with many citing improved overall wellbeing.
  • 73% found added purpose and social connection through the initiative, with 37% feeling more connected by talking about reading in book clubs or with others.
  • 50% increased their confidence to try new things, exploring diverse genres, authors, and formats.

Almost all respondents to the final check-in said that they intended to keep up with their new reading habit going forward, with many setting new goals to read more or read different kinds of books.

“Reading does us all the power of good, but in our busy modern world it’s easy to lose sight of how life-changing this simple habit can be.” said Karen Napier, CEO, The Reading Agency. “Last year’s Road to Reading was a game-changer, supporting thousands in dedicating time to reading and experiencing its numerous benefits, whether new readers or just those who’d fallen out of the habit. The high levels of engagement, personal impacts, and sustained reading habit changes we witnessed last year underscore the vital role Road to Reading plays in building a nation of readers this World Book Night.”

One participant said: “I managed to stick to my goal of 30 minutes a week and found that I was able to read more than this. Some days I was reading up to an hour as I was really enjoying the books I was reading. I suffer from dyslexia so am a bit of slow reader and have found the [Road To Reading] has really boosted my reading confidence.”

Another participant reported increased productivity, saying: “I’ve now got 20 minutes every morning set aside for reading and it’s not only increased my reading it’s also improved my day-to-day life as I feel better and more productive by starting my day the right way.”

To learn more about Road to Reading and sign up for this year’s programme, visit Join the journey and unlock the life-changing benefits of making reading a regular habit.

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