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13 January 2022

The Reading Agency's February Booklist - LGBT+ History Month

Discover The Reading Agency’s February booklist celebrating the voices and stories of the LGBT+ community. There is compelling non-fiction, captivating romance and heart-stopping sci-fi among this selection of classic and brand-new titles. Tell us what you think of the books on...

04 January 2022

Adult January Booklist: Hope

After an exceptionally challenging two years, The Reading Agency had compiled a booklist for adults centred around the theme of ‘hope’. From manifestos on feminism, the environment and LGBTQ+ rights, to memoirs of overcoming monumental hardships, to bitesize short stories...

25 November 2021

The Reading Agency's Books of the Year! Adult

At The Reading Agency, we have read a lot of brilliant books over the past year; books that have made us laugh, cry and get through those challenging lockdown months. Members of our team have picked the book that stood...

11 November 2021

The Prince of the Skies Reading Group Questions

From the bestselling author of The Librarian of Auschwitz, Antonio Iturbe, comes a captivating historical novel based on a true story – the extraordinary life and mysterious death of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of The Little Prince. Here are some downloadable...

21 October 2021

November Booklist for Adults: Noteworthy Non-fiction

From the interviews with famous people about love in all its forms, to the experiences of a GP during the Covid pandemic, to the history of The Beatles, our list of noteworthy non-fiction has something for everyone.

07 October 2021

Adult October Booklist: Perfect Poetry

Celebrate National Poetry Day on 7 October 2021 – and every day! – with this fantastic selection of poetry collections, anthologies and song lyrics.

16 September 2021

100 Poets by John Carey Reading Group Questions

John Carey has compiled a short, uniquely valuable anthology of verse based on a simple principle: select the one hundred greatest poets from across the centuries, and then choose their very best poems. Here are some book club questions to...

16 August 2021

Adult September Booklist: The Power of Reading

To celebrate National Literacy Day on 8th September 2021, we have created a list of books perfect for less confident readers, people developing their literacy skills, and those looking for something short and sweet! There is a mix of fantastic...

28 July 2021

Adult August Booklist: For the Love of Books

To celebrate Book Lovers’ Day on 9 August, we have compiled a list of books all about the joy of reading, bookshops and libraries! The list also includes titles which think are perfect for inspiring a love of reading.

19 July 2021

Choose Songbirds for your next Reading Group

We are pleased to be able to offer downloadable Reading Group questions for Songbirds, the powerful follow-up to The Beekeeper of Aleppo. Nisha has crossed oceans to give her child a future. By day she cares for Petra’s daughter; at night...

15 July 2021

Radio 2 Book Club titles April-June 2021

Here are all the titles recommended by the Radio 2 Book Club on the Steve Wright in the Afternoon Show from April to June 2021. These books were chosen in collaboration with librarians in the UK. You can find out more...

04 June 2021

Refugee Week Booklist

Refugee Week is 14-20 June 2021. We have worked with our publisher partners to create a booklist to help children, young people and adults understand the realities refugees around the world face, and sympathise with their experiences. The list contains...

17 May 2021

Adult July Booklist: Nature and Wildlife

Nature and wildlife have been a respite for many over the past year. This booklist includes a mixture of fiction, memoir, poetry and non-fiction, covering the restorative powers of swimming and gardening, the history of our relationship with sheep, animals...

17 May 2021

Adult June Booklist: Around the World

This month we’re celebrating books from around the world – those which immerse us into a different landscape, culture or community. There are books that take us from Burma to Alabama, Trinidad to Italy, translated from Hebrew, Russian, Japanese and...

06 May 2021

Adult May Booklist - Back in Time

May marks Local and Community History Month and we have curated a booklist that brings together all different strands of British history, from the 1590s to the 1980s. There is a mix of fiction and non-fiction, with something for every...

08 April 2021

The Strawberry Thief Reading Group Guide

If you are reading The Strawberry Thief as part of a reading group, here are some questions and resources to help get you started created by the author Joanne Harris. Warning: questions may contain spoilers!

23 February 2021

Bloomsbury's Read, Talk, Share booklist

Bloomsbury has created a booklist for libraries and other organisations participating in The Reading Agency’s Read, Talk, Share campaign. The list can be used by people looking for books tackling loneliness, isolation, mental health issues, and maintaining human connection during...

28 August 2020

YA Booklist - Reading Hack Recommendations

If you’re a fan of YA lit or are looking for books to engage young people, check out our latest YA reading recommendations, all chosen by young adults. See what our reviewers thought of each title over on the Reading Hack...

30 April 2020

The Reading Agency Hub

Here you can access The Reading Agency at home. You’ll find ideas, activities and challenges from across our programmes to entertain and educate yourself, your family or those you are teaching remotely. The activities will be refreshed every couple of weeks...

21 February 2020

Climate Change booklist

This month we’re travelling to alternative worlds, and worlds that don’t seem too different from our own with our climate change booklist. Full of fiction and non-fiction, this list will get you thinking about how you can make a positive...

18 December 2019

Books of the Year 2019

It’s been another fantastic year full of books and we’re delighted to present our Books of the Year list for 2019. Our staff have chosen their top recommendations of new books from the year and we hope that you’ll be...

20 November 2019

Non-fiction November 2019

It’s November which means that we’re looking back at some of our favourite non-fiction titles from the past year. We think these books are fascinating, offering unique and interesting perspectives into a huge variety of topics.

06 November 2019

The Starless Sea Book Club Kit

A reading group guide and party pack for The Starless Sea, the long-awaited new novel from the author of The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern. This kit includes reading group questions, author Q&A, wordsearch, invitations, templates and more.

01 November 2019

NaNoWriMo - Debut Novels of 2019

November is National Novel Writing Month, when thousands of novelist around the world focus on their writing. If you’re getting involved and need some inspiration to write your first novel, check out our list of some of our favourite debuts...

27 August 2019

Food, Glorious Food

Are you hungry? You might be after looking at our fantastic food themed booklist. Novels, poetry and of course a few cookbooks will keep you busy for hours.

05 June 2019

Changemaker Reads

To celebrate National Reading Group Day on 15 June, we asked reading groups which books inspire them to change the world. Tackling themes of identity, discrimination and equality, these are some of the books that make you want to make...

10 May 2019

Side-splitting Stories

This month we’re bringing you chapters to make you chortle and sentences that will have you in stitches. Including novels, essays and poetry, these books will have you laughing all day long.

08 May 2019

The Handmaid's Tale Reading Guide

A reading guide to The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. The Handmaid’s Tale went back into the bestseller charts with the election of Donald Trump, when the Handmaids became a symbol of resistance against him; and the 2017 release of...

02 May 2019

Dementia friendly booklist

After being diagnosed with Young-onset dementia in July 2014 Wendy Mitchell set about finding other ways to keep reading. She shares some of her favourite books with us here.

10 April 2019

Rosie: Scenes from a Vanished Life by Rose Tremain, Reader's Guide

Here is a reading group guide for Rose Tremain’s Memoir, Rosie: Scenes from a Vanished Life. About the book Rose Tremain (or Rosie as she was then) grew up in post-war London – a city still partly in ruins, where both...