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26 April 2021

Reading Friends Partner Survey

Evaluation survey for organisations or services who have partnered with you on Reading Friends – this may be a local charity, a local authority service, a link worker or cultural organisation. 14 May is the submission deadline.

21 April 2021

Reading Friends Under 11s Evaluation Feedback Tool

This evaluation feedback tool can be used with primary aged children under 11 involved in Reading Friends. Please complete by 14 May.

30 March 2021

Reading Friends Evaluation Guidance

Guidance to using Reading Friends evaluation surveys.

30 March 2021

Reading Friends Befriender Survey

Use this Reading Friends evaluation survey to capture feedback from Reading Befrienders.

30 March 2021

Reading Friends Young Participant Survey

This is a paper version of the Reading Friends participant survey for 11-17 year olds.

30 March 2021

Reading Friends Participant Survey

Use this evaluation survey to capture feedback from Reading Friends participants.

18 March 2021

Dementia Specific Evaluation Tool

This specific evaluation tool resource can be used with people who are living with dementia. It’s a useful tool for people who cannot fill in surveys or for whom surveys aren’t appropriate. It can help capture ‘in the moment’ thoughts,...

12 February 2021

Reading Friends Participation Monitoring form

Make sure to save the form first and then edit it. Please email this to on the submission dates.

10 February 2021

Reading Friends Matching Questionnaire

You can use this to match up your Reading Friends and Reading Befrienders by their interests and also find out more about them. It can be a useful way of finding out any support needs. If you’re able to email...

15 January 2021

Reading Friends Evaluation Champions toolkit

There will be people who cannot fill in evaluation surveys or for whom this it isn’t appropriate. These Evaluation Champions tools capture ‘in the moment’ thoughts, feelings, comments, quotes and stories from Reading Friends sessions, and can be a useful...

25 November 2020

Research on loneliness Nov 2020

Read more about the variety of research that has been conducted since the beginning of the pandemic and some key findings. These slides contain information and statistics on the impact of Covid-19 on loneliness and isolation.

10 May 2020

Reading Friends infographic 2018-2019

Highlights from our full evaluation report including some key outcomes and quotes.

06 May 2020

Reading Friends executive summary 2018-2019

Read a summary of our evaluation report 2018-2019.

06 May 2020

Reading Friends Impact report 2018-2019

Find out how Reading Friends has been tackling loneliness through the proven power of reading.

21 November 2018

Reading Friends evaluation infographic 2017-18

This document is a summary of the evaluation from the first year of Reading Friends.

02 November 2018

A Society of Readers

A new report lays out the central role reading must play in helping to address many of the most pressing challenges British society will face over the next decade. Read the full report and share your thoughts on Twitter and...