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29 May 2020

Reading Friends Volunteer Training

Access the volunteer training modules. Access Training (Login required)

28 May 2020

Reading Friends How to Set Up Your Volunteers on Online Training

We’ve changed the look of this resource to make it friendlier. You can continue to use the older version if that’s easier for you! Please let us know your feedback.

30 April 2020

The Reading Agency Hub

Here you can access The Reading Agency at home. You’ll find ideas, activities and challenges from across our programmes to entertain and educate yourself, your family or those you are teaching remotely. The activities will be refreshed every couple of weeks...

22 November 2019

Reading Friends project plan

Keep your Reading Friends project on track day-to-day with this editable plan for your key milestones. Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit.

21 November 2019

Reading Friends project starter checklist

A handy checklist of things you’ll need to consider when setting up a new Reading Friends project.

20 November 2019

Reading Friends risk assessment

A useful tool to help think through, record and reduce any risks involved in delivering Reading Friends.

10 May 2019

Reading Friends volunteer agreement template

Template that clearly sets out expectations and boundaries for volunteers. Can include local information. Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit.

12 April 2019

Reading Friends volunteer role description

Provides potential volunteers with key information on what’s involved in the role. Editable for local information.

12 April 2019

Reading Friends volunteer application form

A template for local Reading Friends projects to adapt and use with people interested in volunteering. Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit.

10 April 2019

Reading Friends volunteer diary

An A5 booklet to capture and reflect on experiences as a Reading Friends volunteer.

10 January 2019

Reading Friends Project Toolkit for England

A Toolkit containing practical information about how to get going, what is involved in local delivery, and how to maintain a safe and effective project. View Toolkit (Login required)