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05 November 2019

Reading Friends dementia information resource

This resource has information and advice to make your Reading Friends sessions dementia friendly. Give to volunteers if needed.

04 November 2019

Reading Friends Reading Aloud

Find out about the many benefits of reading aloud in your Reading Friends groups and elsewhere.

03 November 2019

Reading Friends: engaging with blind or partially sighted people

Helpful guide to making Reading Friends sessions inclusive.

03 November 2019

Reading Friends group session tips

Hints and tips for running a great Reading Friends session.

01 November 2019

Reading Friends communications calendar 2019

Lots of useful dates to help theme sessions, inspire activities and promote Reading Friends.

08 October 2019

Reading Friends stroke information resource

Information and advice to make your Reading Friends sessions suitable for someone who has experienced stroke.

11 September 2019

Reading Friends National Poetry Day Toolkit 2019

Share with your volunteers this National Poetry Day toolkit 2019 for tips, advice and ideas for running poetry events and sessions.

04 August 2019

Reading Friends dementia-friendly spaces

Information and advice in making dementia-friendly spaces for your Reading Friends sessions.

04 August 2019

Reading Friends Matching Questionnaire

You can use this to match up your Reading Friends and Reading Friends volunteers by their interests.

14 May 2019

Reading Friends welcome guide for one-to-one participants

A brief information sheet to give to Reading Friends participants receiving one-to-one visits.

14 May 2019

Reading Friends 'why volunteer?' information sheet

A quick information sheet highlighting the benefits of volunteering with Reading Friends.

10 May 2019

Reading Friends volunteer agreement template

Template that clearly sets out expectations and boundaries for volunteers. Can include local information.

03 May 2019

Reading Friends photo consent form

Consent forms for any images you take of Reading Friends activities.