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20 April 2023

Wishtree Activity Pack

Red is an oak tree who is many rings old. Red is the neighbourhood wishtree – people write their wishes on pieces of cloth and tie them to Red’s branches. Along with a crow named Bongo and other animals who...

20 April 2023

Where Does my Food Come From?

A fully illustrated non-fiction picture book that lets readers discover how their favourite foods are grown and made – with exclusive recipes from Annabel Karmel for each one.

20 April 2023

When Poems Fall from the Sky Activity Packs

Original, inspiring and intimate, When Poems Fall From the Sky marries science and poetry to create a tender and thoughtful love-letter to Earth promising children a riot of imagination, humour and joy – the perfect book to celebrate National Poetry...

20 April 2023

The King's Hats Activity Pack

King Charles the III is now King of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth and he is finding his new crown just a little heavy to manage. But his good friend Tom the gardener is on hand to show him...

20 April 2023

The Butterfly Club Activity Pack

An activity pack for The Butterfly Club series.

20 April 2023

The Asparagus Bunch Activity Pack

Leon John Crothers is 4779 days old (thirteen years and one month, if you’re mathematically challenged). He has been ‘moved on’ from six different schools and most people think he has an attitude problem. Leon doesn’t care for the label,...

20 April 2023

Mazy the Movie Star Activity Pack

Mazy is a famous movie star who has her fur fluffed twice a day. While other dogs chase sticks at the park, Mazy chases her acting dreams. Then one morning Mazy’s agent delivers bad news. Hollywoof has changed and there are...

20 April 2023

Honey's Hive by Mo O'Hara - Scheme of Work and activity pack

The first book in an exciting new series from New York Times bestseller Mo O’Hara, packed with bee facts and stunning illustrations by Aya Kakeda. Perfect for readers aged 7+. Honey is a young bee buzzing with ambition, who can’t find her role in...

18 April 2023

Luma and the Pet Dragon

When Luma Dewan wakes up on the morning of her seventh birthday, she knows that today will be special. But she has no idea just how wonderful and extraordinary it will be. For today is the day she will meet Timir...

18 April 2023

Hedgewitch by Skye McKenna Activity Pack

A young runaway winds up in an enchanted village that separates England from the magical land of faerie in the first part of McKenna’s immersive fantasy series.

18 April 2023

Cherry Moon by Zaro Weil Activity Pack

This dazzling poetry collection bubbles with excitement and creativity, capturing the sheer joy of the natural world. Discover parades of beast-doodles, preposterous penguins, talking blossoms, playful birds, humble fleas and a host of other exotic and everyday creatures who jump...

14 April 2023

I, Spy: a Bletchley Park Mystery - Activity sheets and social media assets

‘A highly original, gripping, thought-provoking read’ – Emma Carroll Twelve-year-old Robyn has grown up in Bletchley Park. But when the war begins and everything at Bletchley changes. While Bletchley is buzzing with people recruited for the war effort and all eyes...

06 April 2023

Call the Puffins by Cath Howe activity sheets

Welcome to the island of Egg where a group of young puffins are training to join a search and rescue team. Here are some activity sheets to enhance the reading experience.

06 April 2023

BeYOUtiful by Shelina Janmohamed activity pack

This is NOT a book about what to wear, how to put on make-up or pose for a photo. This is a book about what it means to be beautiful, perfect for readers 10+. It will teach you how to decide...

06 April 2023

After School Detective Club Activity Pack

Meet The After-School Detective Club – Lucy, Max, Joe, Charlie and her faithful dog Sherlock. The unlikely gang of friends who stumble across mysteries whenever they’re together! The deeper they dig, the bigger their adventures become. Smugglers, treasure hunters, bedroom breakouts and...

05 April 2023

Action Dude by Andy Riley Activity Pack

Action Dude written and drawn by Andy Riley, the bestselling create of King Flashypants, is a laugh-out-loud graphic novel that’s full of explosions and friendship and fun and more explosions! Here is a free activity pack which includes discussion questions...

26 March 2023

The Girl Who Loves Bugs by Lily Murray and Jenny Løvlie - Activity Pack

The Girl Who Loves Bugs is a hilarious and heart-warming story empowering young girls to always be curious, from superstar writer Lily Murray and Waterstones Prize-winning illustrator, Jenny Lovlie. Evie loves bugs. And she’s fed up of having to keep up...

24 March 2023

Wider than the Sea by Serena Molloy - School Resources

The powerful tale of a girl who feels broken, and the dolphin who makes her whole. A story of friendship, hope and self-discovery, perfect for readers aged 9+, and beautifully illustrated in black and white by George Ermos. Download the school...

24 March 2023

The Reading Agency’s April booklist for Children and Young People – A Race Against Time

Our April booklist – ‘A Race Against Time’ – is chock full of exciting and gripping reads. From books exploring the climate crisis and planet Earth to heart-stopping thrillers and tales of magic and wonder, there’s something for everyone. Dive...

23 March 2023

Poppy and Sam Find the Little Golden Duck digital activity pack

First published in 1985, Poppy and Sam and their animal friends have enchanted generations of children. It is one of Usborne’s longest-running series, which now includes picture books, story collections, sticker, activity, magic painting and cookery books, games and jigsaws...

22 March 2023

It's OK To Be Angry About Capitalism by Bernie Sanders - digital assets and event livestream

It’s OK to be angry about capitalism. It’s OK to want something better. Bernie Sanders takes on the 1% and speaks blunt truths about a system that is fuelled by uncontrolled greed, and rigged against ordinary people. Where a handful...

22 March 2023

Mr Men Discover You Digital Resources

Discover You is the brand-new series from the Mr. Men Little Miss library aiming to help children aged 7 and under better explore, understand, and discuss their emotions. Gently exploring topics around mental health and wellbeing, the pocketsize series guides...

21 March 2023

Mark My Words Ace of Spades Activity Pack

The ‘Mark My Words’ campaign supports a joint commitment to social justice, championing the role that reading plays in tackling inequality. By gifting the titles directly into public libraries, ‘Mark My Words’ will ensure that the books are freely accessible...

21 March 2023

Mark My Words Children's Activity Pack

The ‘Mark My Words’ campaign supports a joint commitment to social justice, championing the role that reading plays in tackling inequality. By gifting the titles directly into public libraries, ‘Mark My Words’ will ensure that the books are freely accessible...

21 March 2023

The Rescue of Ravenwood by Natasha Farrant - digital pack

On top of the hill overlooking the sea is a magical place… A place worth fighting for. To Bea and Raffy, Ravenwood is home. To Noa it’s a welcome refuge. In its own way, the house rescued them, even with a...

20 March 2023

The King’s Runaway Crown by Rosalind Spark

Celebrate the coronation with a special pack featuring The King’s Runaway Crown, a fun royal caper covering themes of anxiety, empathy, and community in a light-touch and warm-hearted way. It’s a stupendous day, an exciting day, a MOST important day –...

16 March 2023

Wendington Jones and The Missing Tree by Daniel Dockery - activity pack

Wendington Jones has her world abruptly up-ended when her adventuring mother dies in a car crash in late 1920. Left in the care of her Grandmamma and her valet Rohan, Wendington receives a parcel in the middle of the night,...

15 March 2023

The King's Pants by Nicholas Allan - Coronation activity pack

The King cannot rule without his Royal Pants. He has a pair for every occasion: coronation pants (he can’t be crowned without them), organic pants (edible in royal emergencies) and even inflatable space-pants (because one never knows when they might...

14 March 2023

The Night Animals - Activity Pack

Simon and Schuster Kids are giving lucky libraries display packs to celebrate The Night Animals by Sarah Ann Juckes (and illustrated by Sharon King-Chai). About The Night Animals Uncover the ghost animals within in this moving and uplifting story about finding help...

13 March 2023

The Nowhere Thief - Activity Pack

Step inside the portal to Nowhere and discover a kaleidoscopic world of possibility… Nosy Crow are offering reading groups copies of The Nowhere Thief, the shimmering debut from Alice M. Ross that is perfect for fans of Jessica Townsend and L.D....