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01 February 2024

Reader Reviews January 2024 - Children and Young People

Did you know that we offer free reading group sets of books for groups every month? All we ask for in return are reviews. If you’d like to find out more you can sign up to our newsletters. Every month we...

01 February 2024

Paper Dragons: The Fight for the Hidden Realm Teaching Notes

n a village above the cloud sea, twelve-year-old orphan Zhi Ging is chosen to become a Silhouette, an apprentice to the immortals. Taken to an underwater realm, she begins her training, competes in thrilling challenges and discovers she can awaken...

01 February 2024

The Girl Who Sang Teaching Resources

A beautifully illustrated graphic novel recounting the heart-rending true story of a young girl’s struggle for survival during the Holocaust, suitable for children age 10+. Born to a Jewish family in a small Polish village, Estelle Nadel ­- then known as...

28 November 2023

Get inspired with award-winning poet Joshua Seigal

Get inspired with award-winning poet Joshua Seigal including teaching notes and a video of Joshua reading one of his poems from his new book,

01 November 2023

Everyday Action, Everyday Change by Natalie and Noami Evans

Making changes that help make the world a fairer place can feel overwhelming. Where do you even start?   Well… Small actions really can make a big difference!   In this inspiring guide, changemakers, sisters and founders of Everyday Racism, Natalie and Naomi Evans,...

04 October 2023

All Bodies Are Beautiful - digital resources

A helpful handbook for talking about you! We know that bodies can be tricky to understand, and sometimes you might feel like your body is different. But being different is completely natural – it’s all just science! This comprehensive guide helps children...

28 September 2023

Libraries Week 2023 - digital pack

Simon and Schuster are providing digital resources to support activity in your library for Libraries Week 2023. This includes videos from Love Your Libraries illustrators, activity sheets and Love Your Library/Libraries Week digital assets. COMPETITION To be in with a chance of winning...

30 August 2023

Worrybot by Simon Packham Digital Resources

In Simon Packham’s Worrybot, Josh has built a Worrybot of his own, a home-made cardboard robot to eat up his worst fears. He writes his worries on a piece of paper, posts them into Worrybot’s mouth and finds it helps...

24 August 2023

The Story of Now Activity Pack

Think the British Empire is ancient history? Think again. It’s time to tell you an unbelievable story. One that spans more than 400 years and influences the world as you know it. Instead of endless lists of Kings and Queens, battles and...

24 August 2023

Geomancer: In the Shadow of the Wolf Queen Activity Pack

Ysolda has lived her life in the shadow of the wolf queen’s tyrannical rule but, safe in her forest haven, she has never truly felt its threat. Until one day when a mysterious earthquake shakes the land and her older sister...

15 August 2023

Crookhaven School Activity Sheet

13-year-old Gabriel is a brilliant pickpocket, a skill which he uses to keep his often empty belly not quite so empty. And then one day, he’s caught. But instead of being arrested, he is invited by the mysterious Caspian Crook to...

15 August 2023

The Wonder Brothers Activity Sheet

Cousins Middy and Nathan love magic. The on-stage, cape-swirling, bunny-out-of-a-hat kind. For Middy, it’s all about patience and practice. She uses magic skills to help her out of tricky situations. Nathan is a show-off and a total danger magnet, he is...

15 August 2023

The Magician's Daughter Activity Sheet

After one hilarious, disastrous magic show too many, Abby’s dad decides it’s time to give up showbiz. Until the day Abby finds a mysterious, dusty old book of spells among her mum’s things. Mum had always been the dazzling magician,...

24 July 2023

Usborne Adventure Gamebooks Activity Sheet

Prepare for death-defying rooftop chases, shadowy enemies and fiendish picture puzzles in this thrilling adventure gamebook where the hero of the story is YOU. As a member of the League of Thieves you’re used to plenty of danger and mystery,...

24 July 2023

The Destiny of Minou Moonshine Teaching Resources

The story of a queendom set in an alternate colonial India, blending Frances Hardinge with Kipling’s Kim. A debut rich in fantasy, friendship and faith, and an original steampunk adventure that sparkles with storytelling magic. ‘A land that loses its...

24 July 2023

Rider of the Storm Teaching Resources

Dido gallops headlong into her third adventure, following her escapades in the riveting and action-packed Race to the Death and Rivals on the Track. Dido is reconciled to leaving the racing track and staying at home to train horses with...

24 July 2023

Rider of the Storm Teaching Resources

Dido gallops headlong into her third adventure, following her escapades in the riveting and action-packed Race to the Death and Rivals on the Track. Dido is reconciled to leaving the racing track and staying at home to train horses with...

24 July 2023

Wider Than the Sea Teaching Resource

Ro finds school impossible. She knows people think she’s shy – and stupid. But when she goes to the bay each afternoon to watch the dolphin leap through the water, she finds the strength to keep going. Then the dolphin...

26 June 2023

Friendship Never Ends - digital resources

‘Sheppard brilliantly captures all the awkwardness and insecurities of being in your early teens in this hopeful, heart-filled paean to friendship and girlhood.’ Observer When you’re figuring it all out, there are some friendships that mean the most. Meet Sunita, Gifty, Dawn...

23 June 2023

The Night Animals by Sarah Ann Juckes - digital resources

Uncover the ghost animals within in this moving and uplifting story about finding help where you need it, from the highly acclaimed author and illustrator of The Hunt for the Nightingale. Nora’s mum has good days and bad days, but the...

20 April 2023

Wishtree Activity Pack

Red is an oak tree who is many rings old. Red is the neighbourhood wishtree – people write their wishes on pieces of cloth and tie them to Red’s branches. Along with a crow named Bongo and other animals who...

20 April 2023

The Butterfly Club Activity Pack

An activity pack for The Butterfly Club series.

20 April 2023

The Asparagus Bunch Activity Pack

Leon John Crothers is 4779 days old (thirteen years and one month, if you’re mathematically challenged). He has been ‘moved on’ from six different schools and most people think he has an attitude problem. Leon doesn’t care for the label,...

18 April 2023

Hedgewitch by Skye McKenna Activity Pack

A young runaway winds up in an enchanted village that separates England from the magical land of faerie in the first part of McKenna’s immersive fantasy series.

06 April 2023

BeYOUtiful by Shelina Janmohamed activity pack

This is NOT a book about what to wear, how to put on make-up or pose for a photo. This is a book about what it means to be beautiful, perfect for readers 10+. It will teach you how to decide...

06 April 2023

After School Detective Club Activity Pack

Meet The After-School Detective Club – Lucy, Max, Joe, Charlie and her faithful dog Sherlock. The unlikely gang of friends who stumble across mysteries whenever they’re together! The deeper they dig, the bigger their adventures become. Smugglers, treasure hunters, bedroom breakouts and...

24 March 2023

The Reading Agency’s April booklist for Children and Young People – A Race Against Time

Our April booklist – ‘A Race Against Time’ – is chock full of exciting and gripping reads. From books exploring the climate crisis and planet Earth to heart-stopping thrillers and tales of magic and wonder, there’s something for everyone. Dive...

21 March 2023

Mark My Words Ace of Spades Activity Pack

The ‘Mark My Words’ campaign supports a joint commitment to social justice, championing the role that reading plays in tackling inequality. By gifting the titles directly into public libraries, ‘Mark My Words’ will ensure that the books are freely accessible...

16 March 2023

Wendington Jones and The Missing Tree by Daniel Dockery - activity pack

Wendington Jones has her world abruptly up-ended when her adventuring mother dies in a car crash in late 1920. Left in the care of her Grandmamma and her valet Rohan, Wendington receives a parcel in the middle of the night,...

14 March 2023

The Night Animals - Activity Pack

Simon and Schuster Kids are giving lucky libraries display packs to celebrate The Night Animals by Sarah Ann Juckes (and illustrated by Sharon King-Chai). About The Night Animals Uncover the ghost animals within in this moving and uplifting story about finding help...